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New Night Bus Line starts 3 June


The new night bus line started on June 3rd and it offers workers, tourists and people of the Movida (night life) 46 lines to experience the city from 11:30pm to the dawn, thanks to:
15 daytime bus lines that are extending the service till 2.00 am every day (weekdays and holidays).
31 night bus lines serve from 11:30pm to 5.00 am, including 3 new lines serving 6 districts in the eastern and southern areas of the city.
13 lines run on a different route or upgraded in kilometers to reach peripheral neighborhoods and increase service towards the city center.
The activation of the new Night Bus Line has been planned in 2 phases:
During the night between 3rd and 4th June, 15 daytime lines remain in service up to 2 am.
During  the night between 10th and 11 th June,  3 new night lines services will start and the other 13 lines (n) will run with the changes already applied on these services.

Phase 1: June 3rd

The 15 daytime lines  will extend their services every day up to 2 o'clock.

These lines are : 38 - 44 - 61 - 86 - 170 - 246 - 301 - 314 - 404 - 444 - 451 - 664 - 881 - 916 - 980 . For the first time, these lines give a night connection to 15 neighborhoods  (corso Trieste, Porta di Roma, Villa Bonelli, Monti Tiburtini, lungotevere Testaccio, viale Marconi – in the section between  ponte Marconi and via Pincherle – via Aurelia, Malagrotta, Grottarossa, Casal Tidei, la zona di via Pievebovigliana, viale Palmiro Togliatti, via della Pisana, the south area of  via di Torrevecchia e Quartaccio).

The 15 day time lines guarantee the public transport service up to 2 am along the areas listed in detail below:

  • 38 Termini-piazza Fiume-corso Trieste-viale Libia-Conca d’Oro-Vigne Nuove-Porta di Roma
  • 44 piazza Venezia-Monteverde Vecchio-Monteverde Nuovo-Villa Bonelli
  • 61 Casal Bruciato-Monti Tiburtini-piazza Bologna-Policlinico-Porta Pia-via XX Settembre-via Veneto-Villa Borghese-piazzale Flaminio
  • 86 stazione Conca d'Oro metro B1-Bufalotta-quartiere Cinquina
  • 170 Termini-via Nazionale-piazza Venezia-Testaccio-Marconi-Eur
  • 246 Cornelia
  • 301 piazza Augusto Imperatore-Lepanto-Ponte Milvio-Cassia-Grottarossa
  • 314 largo Preneste-Tor Sapienza-via Collatina-Ponte di Nona-Lunghezza-Castelverde
  • 404 Ponte Mammolo metro B-San Basilio-Casal Monastero
  • 444 Ponte Mammolo metro B-Casal Tidei-San Basilio-Torraccia
  • 451 Ponte Mammolo metro B-viale Palmiro Togliatti-Parco di Centocelle metro C-Subaugusta
  • 664 Colli Albani metro A-via Appia Nuova-Capannelle
  • 881 via Paola-Gregorio VII-Bravetta-via della Pisana
  • 916 piazza  Venezia-corso Vittorio-via Gregorio VII-Cornelia metro A-Boccea-Battistini metro A-Primavalle-Torrevecchia, Quartaccio
  • 980 Montespaccato/via Antonio Pane-Boccea-metro A Battistini-via della Pineta Sacchetti-Monte Mario-San Filippo Neri

Phase 2: from June 10th onwards

The second  phase of the new night bus lines, the so-called N Line, starts from June 10 and expects the establishment of 3 new lines and the modification of 13 in service-lines. All 31 lines are numbered differently from before.

Roma Servizi per la Mobilità s.r.l has activated 3 new bus lines: n74, n075 e n543:

The new n075 line serves as a link to the neighborhoods of Colle degli fegli Abeti, Ponte di Nona and Prato Fiorito, where it crosses the lines N5, n543, nMC, n409 and 451. The n075 runs along Via Prenestina, Via Avola, Via Roccalumera,Via della Borghesiana and Ponte di Nona.

It is called n075 because, in common with the daytime line 075, it performs a service that connects the city centre to the districts of Ponte di Nona and Colle degli Abeti.  The 075 day line follows the street line of Via Prenestina, unlike the line 075 that runs along Via Collatina. The new night bus line n075 will operate as all-night-long-line-in service for the high load settlement in the suburban areas it serves.

The new n74 bus line

From 3 June onwards, the new n74 line will be operated  as a temporary run and it differs from the main one because it serves the district of Fonte Laurentina, along the street lines of via dei Finetti and via Amalfi, not running along the new traffic lane of via Laurentina. The new bus service operates in order to provide a night service to the district of Fonte Laurentina, along via Laurentina, Viale Silone, Via Marinetti , Via Amaldi and Via de Finetti. The n74 fully replaces  the n21 bus line, running along the Laurentino 38 area. At the Laurentina Station it crosses the nMB, n716 and the n705 bus lines. It is called n74 because it connects the districts of Fonte Laurentina and Tor Pagnotta 2 to the underground station of Laurentina, in common with the 74 trolleybus line that is placed in line with the opening of the traffic lane on via Laurentina. The new night bus line n074 is set up to operate as  an all-night-long-line-in-service for the high load settlement in the suburban areas it serves. For the new traffic lines opening on via Laurentina, the n74 is subject to the alteration of its run as follows:  it runs along Via Laurentina – V. Le Silone and Via Marinetti, then the line moves into the new traffic line along via Laurentina until reaching Via Brunetti.

The new n543 (ex N12P) replaces the current N12P and, compared to this one, extends its run to serve the district of Tor Sapienza (along Viale Morandi and Via De Chirico). This finishes the bus network of the district that, during the daily hours, is directly connected  with the A and the C line of Rome’s Underground, and during the night, it is linked to the city centre ( Termini, Tridente, Piazza Venezia).

13 Lines are changed as follow:

The nMC (ex N28), which replaces the service of Metro C during night hours, is extended to Venezia transiting in V. Dell'ambaradam, Via Celimontana, Via Claudia, Via Celio Vibenna, Via di S. Gregorio, Via del Circo Massimo, Via Petroselli and Via del Teatro Marcello to give direct connection to the city's central destinations for residents located along the Metro-Line C section. The nMC is also extended in the eastern part of the city to increase the night connections in the most frequented tourist areas. It is called nMC because at night it replaces the service on Line C of the Metro.

The nMB1 bus line (ex N2L), which replaces the service along the “Termini-Conca D’Oro” section at night and running by the Metro B1,  is extended up to the Jonio station. It is named nMB1 because it overlaps with the metro line MB1.

The night replacement NmE bus line of the Roma – Lido Railway, which travels in the direction of Piazza Venezia, changes its run between Ostia and Acilia to better serve the crossing areas. Specifically, in order to improve accessibility to the service, the line runs on Via dei Romagnoli also coming from Ostia. Return trips are also aligned on Via delle Baleniere. It is called nME line because the Roma Lido Railway is called Metro E inside the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan.

The n46 extends its run from L.go Milesimo to the Monte Mario FL3 station to improve the night service in the area of Torrevecchia to allow the interchange with the night line n913. It is called N46 because it largely covers the run of the 46 daytime line.

The n8 bus line (ex N8) which replaces the service runs by the tram at night, is extended from Casaletto to Via dei Capasso along Via dei Silvestri, in order to extend the territorial coverage of the night network also to the area of via di Bravetta. It is called N8 because at night it replaces the service of the tram 8.

The n3D and n3S bus lines (ex N10 e N11) extend their runs to Trastevere, Parioli, Villaggio Olimpico and Auditorium. In this way, the two circular lines can serve all night ZTL areas and some of the tourist points of interest in Rome. They are named n3D and n3S because they cover most of the clockwise and counterclockwise runs of the 3 tram line.

The N92 (ex N13) extends the route to Via Salaria and Via Tagliamento reaching the terminus of Metro B1 Jonio. After this, the line diverts along the Tagliamento–Po section, currently not served by night public transport. The Polyclinic section is already covered by the nMB1 line transit. The areas of Val Melaina – Vigne Nuove and Porta di Roma will be served by the extended hourly service of the 38 line. It is called N92 because it covers much of the run served by the 92 daytime line.

The areas of Val Melaina – Vigne Nuove e Porta di Roma will be served by the hourly service of the 38 line. The n705 (ex N21) connects the Laurentina  Metro B station to Via Piermarini while the area of Via Laurentina/Laurentino 38 is served by the new line 74. It is called n705 because, (like the daytime 705 line it connects the neighborhoods of Spinaceto and Tor de ' Cenci with the Metro B.

The N66 replaces the N22 and has been extended to Termini station- along the via Nomentana section - in order to ensure a direct connection to the central destinations for residents living in the district of Montesacro - Casal Boccone and the area of Viale Marx. It is called n66 because it largely overlaps the run of the daytime 66 line.

The N200 (ex N24) will terminate at the Prima Porta station and it will transit, in both directions, in the area of Via delle Galline Bianche in order to guarantee the night bus service. It’s named n200 because its route run is similar to the daytime 200i line.

The n904 line (exN20) changes its run within the District of Casalotti to overcome a current criticality of manoeuvring difficulties experienced by buses that must turn between via Selva Candida - via Boccea and between via Boccea and via Casalotti. It is named n904 because its route run is similar to the daytime 904line.

Project Mission

The new Night Bus Line has been planned :

  • to  better meet the needs of the Territory;
  •  to activate new services in the suburbs;
  • to increase the number of destinations offered and;
  •  to satisfy users who want to enjoy the daytime network until late at night, as well as those who only use  night transport.

The mission has been achieved by :

  • optimising the current resources (kilometric production and in use bus);
  •  a  10% increase over the existing service
  • organization of the service on two levels:
  • Up to 2.00 (' ' Night to 2 ' ') with 46 lines (15 longer daytime running lines) and ;
  • up to 5.00 (' ' Night to 5 ' ') with 31 night lines.


The benefits of the project can be measured in:

  1. strenghtening of the service in the first time and busiest time slot 23:30 – 2:00,  which will be served by 46 bus lines  (longer daytime running lines plus some night lines)
  2. extending night services to previously unserved peripheral areas
  3. strengthening of  public transport services offered to support the metropolitan network on days when the service hours are extended at 1:30 am
  4. 3 New Interchange Bus Areas (L. Go Preneste, Cinecittà and Ponte Mammolo) and strengthening of the already 6 existing ones as:Venice, Termini, Trastevere, Tiburtina, Laurentina and Colli Albani
New name and new visual identity. For a better understanding and recognition of the new night bus service, the 31 n-lines have been renamed with reference to the corresponding day time service running by a metro, a tram or a bus line. Also visible on the staves of the bus stops, the lines of the new night bus lines are marked by 15 daytime lines extended at 2 am and 31 night bus lines.


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