Permit A

The Permit “A”allows :

  • Passenger “hop on and off” operations at hotels, restaurants, schools, offices and museums located in the A ZTL BUS areas

  • Buses to move in the “A” ZTL Bus area and stop in the following parking areas (located inside the “A” Area):

    • Short term area (max 15 minutes stop)
      • Viale Washington (villa Borghese, piazza del Popolo)

      • Piazzale Partigiani (Testaccio)

      • Stazione Tiburtina, lato Ovest

    • Hourly term area (max 3 hours stop)

      • Viale Pretoriano

      • Via Tiburtina (Mura Verano)

      • Via Appia Antica

      • Lungotevere Testaccio

      • Via Caio Cestio

      • Via Cilicia (area laterale esterna)

      • Largo Settimio Passamonti

      • Via Dorando Pietri

      • Piazzale Pier Luigi Nervi

      • Piazzale Partigiani

      • Viale Washington

      • Viale di San Paolo

      • Lungotevere delle Navi

    • Long term area (24 hours stop)

  • Osteria del Curato - via Vincenzo Giudice

  • Ponte Mammolo - via delle Messi d'Oro

  • Laurentina - via Francesco de' Suppè

  • Ipogeo degli Ottavi - fronte stazione FL3

  • Monte Mario - via Sebastiano Vinci

  • Piazzale Nervi

  • Largo Passamonti

  • Montagnola-Georgofili

  • Stazione Tor di Valle

  • Stazione Pantano

  • Casilina-Centocelle


One daily permit per vehicle can be purchased and the multi entry card (50, 100, 200 or 300 day permits) applies to the entire bus fleet


A Company requesting a Multi Entry Card must be in possession of the following documents:

When collecting the permit, the Company must show that the "iBus" unit on-board (OBU) supplied by Roma Servizi per la Mobilità s.r.l. to monitor the bus, has been installed.

  • Online, if purchasing Daily Permits or Multi Entry Cards and paying via SEPA or credit card

  • At the three checkpoints (Aurelia, Ponte Mammolo e Laurentina) only if purchasing Daily Permits and paying cash or with credit card

The daily permit (including those permits purchased in a Multi Entry Card) is valid for a calendar day (0:01 am – 12:00 pm) 

It is possible to change the data (terms of the authorization and vehicle registration) of a Multi Entry Card’s entry until 11.59 pm of the day before the start of the service.

more than 8 meters up to 8 meters more than 8 meters up to 8 meters
€ 55,00 € 44,00 € 42,00 € 33,00




  • Rates for transport of disabled passengers (in possession of the disabled symbol) travelling on board-equipped-coaches: reduced by 5%

  • Rates for the Day Permits purchased during the months of January, February and August: reduced by 20%

  • Rates for the afternoon permit in the Vatican Area (if purchased in the morning and on the same vehicle: reduced by 20%

  • Rates for multi-day permits is reduced by 10% for permits used the days after the first permit

  • Rates for payments made with SEPA: reduced by 10%

  • Rates for electric, hybrid or vehicles supplied with LPG fuel or methane buses: reduced by 50%

  • Rates for E-5 environmental class coaches: reduced by 5%

  • Rates for E-6 environmental class coaches: reduced by 10%


  • Rates for E-3 DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) environmental class coaches increased by 90% in 2019 and 105% in 2020

  • Extra fee-stop: a 100 €/hour’s extra fee will be charged on the Hourly term Areas (max 3hours stop allowed). The stop’s extension will not be permitted in the Vatican Areas.

Reductions and surcharges are cumulative