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Goods delivery and "VAM"

The new ZTL AF1 VAM in green; the Trastevere and Goods Delivery ZTL in orange and the Historic centre ZTL in yellow.

The urban logistics for the distribution of goods are regulated by rules and incentives applied by Roma Capitale. They not only regulate accesses to the city through the ZTL for goods delivery, they also decide on restrictions for vehicles’ weight and size and fiscal measures through a pricing scheme. The city Council decree 245/11 established different prices for permits to enter, drive around and park inside the ZTL areas of Trastevere and the Historic Centre for vehicles that deliver goods, depending on the emissions categories. High-polluting vehicles have to pay higher charges.

Projects at a National level, like the Electric Van Sharing to distribute goods in the city, together with projects at a European level such as the ongoing NOVELOG and CITYLAB and the one that has just ended, SMARTSET, are looking into the issue of urban distribution, trying to find solutions to improve the goods distribution system. The first electric van sharing station for the delivery of goods in the city centre was opened in May 2016 and promoted by Roma Servizi per la Mobilità.

The new General Plan for Urban Traffic provides guidelines to elaborate and update sectoral plans, like the urban logistics and goods delivery plan. The purpose is to contain the number of commercial vehicles in the streets by finding a way to group together individuals that deliver goods, to increase the capacity of vans, to change how vehicles run and to decrease the number of load and upload areas.

From the 19th of November 2016 ZTL, AF1 and VAM Electronic control passages are active from 5 am to midnight to check all the vehicles that enter and also vehicles that are longer than 7,5 meters. Cameras monitor the whole Ztl, AF1 and VAM perimeter.

When is the ZTL AF1 VAM active (Green borders)?

The traffic restricted area (ZTL) AF1 VAM is closed for lorries longer than 7,5 meters:

  • From 5 am to midnight every day.

When is the Goods Delivery ZTL active (orange borders)?

Times vary according to the anti-pollution category of the vehicle:

From 5.30 pm to 8 pm

  • Euro 4, 5, and 6 Lorries with a capacity of maximum 35 (access is prohibited from 5.30 pm to 8 pm)

From 7 am to 8 pm

  • Euro 4, 5, and 6 Lorries with a Capacity of more than 35
  • Electric, LPG, hybrid, natural gas and twin-propulsion lorries with a capacity of more than 65

Time restriction are valid for the following vehicles: armoured vehicles that transport valuable goods, and isothermal lorries with no restriction on the weight capacity, that are used to deliver different categories of goods.

Lorries that are not used to deliver goods do not have to follow the above-mentioned time restrictions but to drive in ZTL areas (when the electric passage control is active) they still need a permit.

Euro 0, 1, 2 and 3 lorries cannot enter ZTL areas

Euro 0, 1, 2 and 3 lorries (petrol or diesel) cannot enter the Goods delivery ZTL nor the Trastevere ZTL


  • Lorries that carry out a public service: Police forces, AMA, Roma Capitale vehicles. Public transport, taxis and NCC.
  • Tow trucks
  • Car pooling and car sharing vehicles
  • Vehicles to transport people with disabilities
  • Lorries used by companies that do maintenance and repair services for companies such as Acea, Telecom, Eni, Enel, Italgas and lorries used by the postal service have to display a permit.
  • LPG, natural gas, electric and twin-propulsion lorries.


Access to the Goods delivery ZTL – that includes other ZTL areas such as: Tridente, Historic centre and Trastevere – is allowed to vehicles that deliver goods only if they have a permit. The permit will show: the emission category of the vehicle, the date of registration and what type of petrol or natural gas or hybrid or other your vehicle uses. It will also show any time restrictions to access the ZTL area, this depends on the technical characteristics of the vehicle (mass, type of fuel used and emission category) and on the type of goods that it’s transporting, based on the City Council Decree no. 245/2011.

Limited parking

Parking is allowed only in the designated areas to load and unload goods for a maximum of 30 minutes and the use of a parking disc is mandatory. The only exception is for the ZTL A1 area – Tridente, where only vehicle with a specific permit can access. The use of a parking disc is mandatory.

   Rione  Parkings    Rione Parkings
 I  Monti  42  XII  Ripa  5
 II  Trevi  16  XIII  Trastevere  26
 III  Colonna  13  XIV  Borgo  no ztl
 IV  Campo Marzio  21  XV  Esquilino  68
 V  Ponte  5  XVI  Ludovisi  22
 VI Parione 12   XVII Sallustiano  15 
 VII Regola 11   XVIII Castro Pretorio 62 
 VIII Sant'Eustachio 20  XIX Celio 16
 IX Pigna 5  XX Testaccio 25
 X Campitelli 1  XXI San Saba 1
 XI Sant'Angelo 1  XXII Prati no ztl




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