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If the ZTL permit issue procedure is not successful (for example if some requirements are missing or there are some mistakes in the application form) you can ask for a reimbursement.

You have to fill in a reimbursement form, attach a copy of the payment and a statement where you explain that you have not used that payment to obtain a ZTL permit. Send everything to Roma Servizi per la Mobilità:

  • By fax: +39 06 46956660
  • By post: Roma Servizi per la Mobilità – via Silvio D'Amico n 40 - 00145 Rome
  • At the help desk of Roma Servizi per la Mobilità

Roma Capitale, with a note by the Department of Mobility and Transport of Roma Capitale no. 43893 dated 25/10/2012, has specified that the cost of the virtual duty stamp and the investigation (Roma Servizi per la Mobilità S.r.l. has to carry out the right investigation on the matter) cannot be reimbursed.

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