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Boundaries and operating hours of nighttime-only LTZ

Operating Hours

Electronic gates operate (only by night):

  • 11 pm to 3 am, on Fridays and Saturdays (excluding public holidays)

  • In August, nighttime LTZ is suspended

Permits for the LTZ of Testaccio

Residents, domiciled people and other categories entitled to a permit for the area, as well as people with disabilities owning a specific permit, can access the area with the authorized vehicles (displaying the permit on the windscreen), drive through the whole area and park in the designated parking spaces and any other parking areas.

Depending on the type of permit, the owner is allowed to either transit (just drive through the area) or access, drive and park in the area. 

Those wanting to access the area of Testaccio - allowed to request the permit - are not obliged to request it if they access the area on Fridays and Saturdays before 11 pm; parking is allowed, though not to drive within the area. The permit is necessary only for those who need to access the LTZ when it's active. 


Categories that can access traffic restricted areas:

  • Taxis and NCC (chauffer driven car rentals)

  • Residents who have a permit to access the LTZ at night

  • People with disabilities owning a permit

  • Motorbikes and mopeds can always access the LTZ. They can park only in the designated parking spaces

  • All / only electric vehicles may circulate freely  within the ZTL (limited traffic zones)  in Rome: entering the vehicle's license plate via the online procedure, will enable the vehicle to be authorized and checked  by traffic auxiliaries during the inspection. For electric vehicles with foreign or Diplomatic Corps license plates it is necessary to provide license plate details by emailing to : No paper marks are issued.


Check more information on parking permits (to park for free in the toll parking areas).

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