Toll parking

Free parking for electric and hybrid vehicles

Elecrtic and hybrid vehicles' owners can park for free in every toll parking area. No permit mark required, as controlling staff can recognize such vehicles.

Park & Ride areas

Atac´s Park & Ride areas allow long term parking at a discounted rate, to reach the City Centre using urban public transport. Every Park & Ride area (both automated or not) is close to a Metro station or to urban and suburban bus terminus. Metrebus Card owners can park for free

Unrestricted fares apply in the following parking areas : Auditorium, Partigiani (Ostiense station), Metronio, Trieste and Trastevere.

Who is entitled to a free parking permit?

PLEASE NOTICE: Sending the application form and documentation does not avoid the fine. Free parking is allowed only to owners with a permit.

Permit for residents

People residing in toll parking areas are entitled to a free parking permit for a maximum of two vehicles per person (only if both vehicles are owned - free loaned vehicles are only eligible for one permit). The permit is only valid whilst the applicant's conditions stay the same.

Permit for domiciled people

People domiciled in toll parking areas are entitled to a free parking permit only if they reside outside the province of Rome. They need to prove their domicile with house ownership papers or a tenancy agreement or a leasing agreement and two utility bills (e.g. electricity and gas) registered in their name.
Only one permit per person can be issued and only one vehicle per household, with the exception of students and members of religious orders. The permit is valid for one year from the date of issue.


Craftsmen enrolled at the Provincial Craftsmen Register working in toll parking areas are entitled to a free parking permit only if their job involves the transportation of heavy, large, fragile or valuable equipment - essential to their work - to the customer's home.
Only one permit per business can be authorized, even if there is more than one partner. The permit is valid whilst applicant's conditions stay the same.

Which vehicles can be authorized?

  • Cars

  • Motorbikes and four-wheel motorcycles

  • Trucks with full laden mass up to 3.5 tons

How to apply for a permit

Sportello on lineResidents and domiciled people can register and apply online.

Or fill in the forms and send them:

  • by fax +39 06 46956660

  • by mail:  Roma Servizi per la Mobilità - piazzale degli Archivi, 40 - 00144 Roma

  • or going to the help desk - piazzale degli Archivi 40 - 00144 Roma (Mon to Fri, 8am to 4pm)


If the application is complete, the permit will be sent via email as a PDF and it will be valid immediately after email is sent