Transport services for the disabled

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Resolution no. 129/18 passed by the Capitoline Assembly approved the “Regulation for services, measures and interventions for individual mobility of people with disabilities”.

This Regulation governs the criteria and methods for accessing interventions, measures and services for the individual mobility of people with disabilities who are resident in Rome, enabling them to reach their place of work, study and treatment and the places where they enjoy their social life and play sports within the city of Rome. The service can be accessed by applying for admission to the ranking and enables the use of individual means of transport or public or self-managed transport. The Single Ranking approved by D.D. QG 948/2019 (subsequently integrated with an addition/appendix approved by D.D. QG 647/2020) is currently in force and valid until 31 December 2022. Pursuant to art. 6, paragraph 6 of the Regulation, “The waiting list will be updated every year with the inclusion of new users who have submitted their applications no later than 15 January each year and will be used to integrate the single ranking for its application and within the limits of which in the preceding paragraph 5”. The waiting list for the Single Ranking and the Integration/Appendix to be used to integrate the Single Ranking according to art. 6, paragraph 6 of Regulation D.A.C. no. 129/2018:DD 341 of 31.03.2021 have been approved. DD WAITING LIST UPDATE QG 441 20201 More details.

DD 341 del 31.03.2021   DD RETTIFICA LISTA DI ATTESA QG 441 2021


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