Permit issue

In order to get the permit for people with disabilities, the applicant has to declare, on his own behalf, his personal details, and submit one of the following medical certifications, issued by a medical examiner of the local health board:

  • a medical certificate, drawn up according to the D.P.R no. 495/1992 updated with D.P.R. no. 610/1996, stating the person has seriously reduced walking ability or is blind;

  • a legal-medical certificate, drawn up according to the law no. 102/2009, (stating the person has seriously reduced walking ability or is blind) to be submitted together with a letter signed by the INPS (National Social Security Service) director, confirming the medical investigation is completed. The applicant must submit both the original and a copy of this certificate (the copy will be kept by the office).

A passport photo has to be attached to the application form.

Permit will have the same validity stated in the medical certificate, plus 45 days if the reduced walking ability is certificated for less than 5 years.

Application forms can be submitted:

  • to the office in charge in your neighborhood

  • to your local ASL (local health board) through the doctor that issued the medical certificate

  • to our Helpdesk - download the app Qurami to avoid the queue and book an appointment.

Otherwise, send the application via mail to: Roma Servizi per la Mobilità – Piazzale degli Archivi 40 – 00144 Roma (or by fax: +39 06 4695 6660)

If you are submitting the application to the Helpdesk, stamp duty and processing fees can be paid:

  • by credit or debit card;

  • by payment on postal account: 47172002 payable to Roma Capitale – Dipartimento Mobilità e Trasporti – Ufficio Permessi Centro Storico;

  • by bank transfer (IBAN: IT 07 O 07601 03200000047172002); for SEPA money transfers: SWIFT CODE: BPPIITRRXXX
    Once the payment has been made, it is mandatory to show or send a copy of the payment with the transaction reference number.

Price of the permit:

  • If the certificate you submit states your disability (walking ability) is permanent or enduring for at least 5 years, the price is € 5.16 + € 1 (fixed fee)

  • If the certificate you submit states your disability (walking ability) is enduring for less than 5 years, the price is € 5.16 + € 1 (fixed fee) + € 16 (stamp duty).

The person requesting the permit has to sign the authorisation to process personal data. If the application is submitted by a delegate, he/she must bring a proxy on plain paper and copies of valid I.D. for both of them.