People with disabilities

The permit for people with disabilities (if the person is onboard) allows them to:

  • Apply (also online) for a limited traffic zones permit - up to 3 different vehicles

  • Park in the designated parking spaces (unless the "reserved" ones, as written on the signposting)

  • Park for free in the toll parking spaces - marked called "strisce blu"

  • Drive, in case of necessity, through bus lanes (except those where taxi are not allowed)

  • Access Hospitals’ parking areas

  • Access pedestrian areas (unless further specific traffic restrictions apply)

Roma Servizi per la Mobilità - in conjunction with the Transport and Mobility Department of Roma Capitale - offers support and assistance (with planning, monitoring and investigating) to the transport service for people with serious motor disabilities blindness and visual impairment (with a visual capacity not higher than 1/20 in both eyes when wearing corrective lenses). At the moment 1000 people are using this service and it is available for those who need to travel for work, study, therapies or social activities.

For any queries, requests, reports or complaints (regarding the transport service for groups or individuals) send an email to: or call: +39 06 57003.