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3 new ZTL BUS areas:

A - operates every day from 00.00 to 24.00 (including holidays)
B - operates every day from 5.00 to 24.00 (including holidays)
C - operates every day from 00.00 to 24.00 (including holidays)

Tourist buses will be allowed to enter the City Centre (Area C) only if in possession of specific permits that release the granting of the so-called Authorization C. The stops around Area C will be increased.


Parking in the Colosseum Area will be reorganized to reduce noise pollution in neighbouring districts by initiating controlled access in the Vatican and Colosseum bus areas, every day of the week.

New multi entry card (online purchase only) - will replace the Annual Passes.

Annual Passes will be issued only for permits related to special tourist lines (Gran Turismo)




The new Regulation stipulates that, to buy a carnet, the Gran Turismo permits and to request the Authorization C, the user must complete a subscription online, the Digital Identity Authentication System, as defined by the Digital Agency for Italy.

Booking operations can also be completed from other 4 parties, authorized by the Legal Representative, provided.

Regarding the purchase of day permits, users already accredited, can book the 2019 permits with the same credentials, only sending, via web, the identity card of the Legal Representative or of an Authorized Party.


Other Countries

In case of carnet or of the permits purchase, foreign users will be required to apply for new accreditation and send the following documents by registered mail :

  1. Web tour bus service Authorization Form

  2. Documents issued by the relevant authority in that country certifying qualifications of driving personnel as proof that contributions have been paid (with a certified translation in Italian)

  3. ERRU's ( European Register of Road Transport Undertakings) registration

The registered letter should be sent to: Roma Servizi per la Mobilità - Piazzale degli Archivi, 40 - 00144 Roma

Because of the closure of the historic center (ZTL BUS C), any requests for exemption may be approved only if in possession of the accreditation.

Users already accredited on RSM platform, can book the 2019 permits with the same credentials, by sending, via web, the identity card of the Legal Representative or of an Authorized Party.


All the permits must be printed in A4 format and positioned so as to be visible on the windshield of the vehicle.


Download the map (PDF)

More informations

To register a new license plate - for the purchase of a daily permit - it is necessary to fill out
the. form

Among the methods of payment for the purchase of permits - regulated by Executive
Determination of the Department of Mobility and Transportation No. 643 of 03/08/2018
(approval of the operational procedures for the application of the Resolution of the
Capitoline Assembly No. 55/2018) -there is the possibility of deferred payment of invoices,
within 30 days from the date of issuance, by means of bank transfer guaranteed by the
relevant Bank Guarantee is not provided for. For this reason, it is no longer possible to purchase permits through deferred payment 30
days from the invoice date. Alternatively, the activation of a SEPA DIRECT DEBIT mandate may be requested, through
the return to Roma Servizi per la Mobilità of the following documentation:

  • SEPA Direct Debit mandate form completed, signed and stamped by the owner or legal
    representative (sdd mandate);

  • copy of valid identity document of the owner or legal representative;

  • copy of c.c.i.a.a., not older than 6 months, or statement in lieu thereof;

  • self-certification attesting to the origin of the funds used for the purchase of the fleet;

  • documentation from the bank/postal institution certifying that the applicant is the
    holder of the debit account indicated on the sdd form.

However, the following payment methods remain active:

  • daily permits: credit card (purchase online or at check points), ATM (only at check points)
  • multy entry cards: bank transfer (new IBAN IT 37 W 03069 05020 100000074777) or
    credit card;
  • Gran Turismo passes: bank transfer (new IBAN IT 37 W 03069 05020 100000074777) or
    credit card.

  • Access prohibited also for Gran Turismo buses - for <b>Euro 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 vehicles

Tourist coaches in possession of a valid permit will be authorised to travel on the
preferential lanes listed below:

  • Via Ostiense (central carriageway);

  • Via Santa Maria in Cosmedin (Bocca della Verità);

  • Lungotevere Aventino (left carriageway towards Piazza dell'Emporio);

  • Via dell'Amba Aradam (towardsPiazza San Giovanni in Laterano);

  • Via Catania;

  • Via Gregorio VII (two-way preferential lane within the carriageway)

Anyone accessing the BUS A, B and C LTZs without having registered and purchased a
permit/authorisation, in accordance with Resolution 55/2018, will be subject to the following
administrative fines:

  • maximum penalty provided for by Article 7 bis of Legislative Decree no. 267/00 in case of
    use of a counterfeit mark and in case of non-compliance with anti-pollution regulations
  • maximum penalty provided for in Article 7 bis of Legislative Decree no. 267/00, reduced
    by 10%, in the event of access to the Bus A, B and C ZTL zones without a permit and/or
  • maximum sanction foreseen by art. 7 bis of Legislative Decree no. 267/00 decreased by
    20%, in the event of improper use of the badge (use of the badge on a bus other than the
    one for which it was issued, performance of services not permitted by the badge,
    photocopying of the badge, parking - in the designated areas - of a bus authorised for
    transit only)

Roma Servizi per la Mobilità will carry out checks on tourist coaches with special teams of
traffic wardens. Please note that for a counterfeit permit, in addition to the fine, Roma
Servizi will report the case to the Judicial Authority.


Contacts : for request for computer assistance and support in the issuance of daily permits in favor of vehicles awaiting review, with an appointment at the DMV already scheduled (to be attached to the request). : for requests related to payments (failure to display permit against payment already made), invoices and refunds exclusively for inclusion on the lists of those authorized for access to the ztl by those exempted by DAC 55/2008 (substitute services of the railway lines operated by the Italian State Railways Group, buses headed within the Vatican City State), for verification of authorizations if sanctions were received under the cds and/or municipal regulations..

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