In Agenda


From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Piazza Oderico da Pordenone, near the headquarters of the Lazio Region, an event will take place "to ask the institutions to unblock the ranking lists of the successful nurse applicants at the Sant'Andrea Hospital". The initiative will be attended by 200 people. Along the Rome-Lido railway, there will be a stop between Acilia and Colombo, for maintenance work on the overpasses in Viale della Vittoria and Via Chierchia, every weekend evening of July, from Friday to Sunday from 9.30 pm onwards. Alternatively, lines 04, 06 and 070 will be available. Find more details below.


About 4,000 people are expected to participate in the initiative. By 7 a.m., the plan is to clear all parked vehicles, including motorcycles, mopeds; to ensure the provision of an adequate road service. The purpose is to respect the road signs and to remove parked vehicles, through forced removal in Piazza del Popolo: all, including any taxi stands and in both side ramps of access to Piazza del Popolo.
From 10th to 13th in Piazza Castellani, in front of the Ministry of Health, a demonstration will take place to "defend the national health service".


From 14.00 to 18.30 in Piazza di Porta San Giovanni, an event will take place " to give voice to the needy, excluded and invisible". 400 people are expected to participate in the initiative.
At noon, usual celebrations in the Vatican with the recitation of the Angelus by Pope Francis will take place. The participation of numerous faithful is expected.
By 10 am, due to the need for public order and safety, previous barriers established for the entrance in the Piazza Pio XII’s area for social distancing will be imposed by the health agency. And in St. Peter's Square. parking bans with removal and transit banks are provided for in the areas surrounding St. Peter's Square.


New phase of street works for the pavement maintenance of the tramway areas.
This time the section on Viale delle Milizie from Piazza delle Cinque Giornate to Via Barletta will be affected. Until 24 July, tram line 19 will be replaced by buses between Valle Giulia and Piazza Risorgimento, while trams will remain in service between Valle Giulia and Centocelle.
There will also be a detour for bus lines n. 70, 490, 590, 913, 990, NMA, N3S, N3D and N913. With regards to the night lines NMA, N3S, N3D and N913, the detour will be activated from the night between Monday and Tuesday. More details here.